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Royalties collected for the use of your works

SODRAC's management services primarily consist of authorizing and licensing the use of your works under the Copyright Act, e.g. when they are reproduced (in print or digital formats), presented at a public exhibition, for a purpose other than sale or hire (for works created after June 7, 1988) and communicate to the public (e.g. broadcasted on television, in a movie or displayed on a website).

SODRAC issues licenses to users domiciled in Canada in exchange for royalties it collects on its members’ behalf. The fees collected by SODRAC are based on its schedule of fees and determined by the parameters of the uses: size of reproduction, number of copies, retail price, period of use, etc. When requests to use works originate from outside Canada, they are referred to one or the other of the 35 sister societies with which SODRAC has reciprocal representation agreements. If a request comes from a country that is not covered by our agreements, SODRAC processes the request directly.

Reprographic royalties

A second type of remuneration exists for the reproduction of your work in print in books, exhibition catalogues, magazines and newspapers. Indeed, in addition to royalties SODRAC collects when a license is issued, you may be eligible to receive royalties for the subsequent photocopy of your works (paintings, sculptures, illustrations, photographs, etc.) reproduced in such printed publications.

In Quebec, COPIBEC manages royalties for photocopying printed publications. It enters into agreements with various users who regularly photocopy publications (e.g. educational institutions). SODRAC members who reside in Canada, outside Quebec, may also benefit from royalty distributions by Access Copyright who manages royalties for photocopying printed publications in the other provinces.

When these organizations are preparing a distribution of royalties, SODRAC forwards to them the list of eligible publications of its members and then collects on their behalf the royalties they are entitled to.

Quarterly royalty payments

Royalties are paid to SODRAC members quarterly, by cheque or by direct deposit, on 15 March, 15 June, 15 September and 15 December of each year. SODRAC members receive a payment if they accumulated at least $50 in royalties in the preceding quarter.

If you have any questions on your royalties, please contact our Visual Arts & Crafts Department by email at or by phone at (514) 845-3268, ext 248.

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