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SODRAC signed an agreement with Quebec Department of Education, Recreation and Sports (MELS) (in French only) regarding the reproduction of musical works and sound recordings including musical works that were created for educational services and extracurricular activities in preschools and primary and secondary school teaching establishments.

What rights does this agreement authorize?

This agreement authorizes you to:

  • Reproduce musical works and sound recordings from the repertoire covered by this agreement onto analog or digital audio and audiovisual media. This reproduction is permitted from recording media (compact disks, cassettes, records, etc.) that are legally available on the market. For example, a rerecording of songs to create an audio cut for a music class, language course or student radio, or a synchronization of music with visuals to create a videotape for a science activity or educational fieldtrip;
  • Reproduce musical works carried out or performed by students or by teaching or school staff onto audio or audiovisual media. For example, an audio recording of songs performed as part of a music class or a video recording of a student show or recital;
  • Reproduce musical works and sound recordings without restriction as to the number and length of reproductions;
  • Conserve, reproduce and reuse as many times as needed audio and audiovisual media on which you reproduce musical works and sound recordings;
  • Sell audio and audiovisual documents as per the agreement, but uniquely to the students of the learning establishments where these documents were produced and their parents. For example, a video recording of a student concert or talent show.

The documents thus sold may not consist of compilations of musical works and the sales price may not be used to cover document production costs: It is therefore prohibited to sell the documents commercially or in the goal of making a profit.

Uses not covered by the agreement:

  • It is prohibited to reproduce a musical work or a sound recording:
    • from audiovisual media or multimedia, such as videos, video clips, CD‑ROMs, software, hard disks, etc.
    • from radio or television shows;
    • from Internet networks.
  • It is prohibited to broadcast over the Internet the musical works or sound recordings that were reproduced in compliance with the agreement. However, such distribution is allowed over the teaching establishments' Intranets.
  • It is prohibited to modify or adapt musical works or sound recordings (for example, changing song lyrics). However, as per the agreement, arranging, harmonizing or orchestrating with a musical work is not considered a modification or adaptation of this work.
  • It is prohibited to duplicate partitions (sheet music) or song lyrics.

How to obtain a license

To obtain a license, please send an email explaining your project to As soon as your request has been processed, you will receive a letter indicating whether or not your project is covered by the SODRAC-MELS agreement. If your project is not covered, you must pay the required royalties to obtain a license.


If your project is covered by the SODRAC-MELS agreement, the user fees are covered.

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