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A ringtone is a polyphonic or authentic ringtone for a mobile device that takes the main theme from a musical work or synchronizes a Mastertone, for a maximal length of thirty (30) seconds.

What rights does this license authorize ?

This license authorizes you to:

  • Encode or digitalize a musical work from a sound recording in the SODRAC repertoire for the sole purpose of producing ringtones;
  • Reproduce and, if applicable, save and host ringtones on your servers or the servers of a third party with whom you have an agreement;
  • Reproduce ringtones to:
    • authorize users' access to listening to an audio sample of ringtones of a maximum of thirty (30) seconds without the user being able download this excerpt;
    • communicate, transmit and allow download onto users' wireless devices via your network of wireless data or services offered by one of your affiliates or resellers;
    • allow users to permanently download these ringtones onto their wireless devices from your services;
    • use and reproduce ringtones for incoming calls from users placing vocal telephone calls to service subscribers.

How to obtain a license

SODRAC issues ringtone licenses only to wireless services providers and aggregators.

To obtain a license, please email the Licensing Department at


12 % of the consumer price with a minimum of $0.22 per authentic ringtone.

Pricing fee of $0.15 per work.

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