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A community radio station is a non-profit organization holding a special operating license issued under the Broadcasting Act.

The tariff charged by SODRAC was approved by the Copyright Board of Canada.

What rights does this license authorize?

This Tariff authorizes you to:

  • Make the number of reproductions your radio broadcasting company requires and use the resulting copies for radio broadcasting purposes as many times as desired throughout the year;
  • Reproduce the works in our repertoire, in whole or in part, and embody them in a montage, a compilation, a mix or a medley, moral rights being reserved.3

Unauthorized use under the Tariff:

  • A musical work may not be associated for advertising purposes with a product, service, cause or institution.
  • A radio station cannot use a medium resulting from a reproduction of a work from the SODRAC repertoire for purposes other than radio broadcasting.

How to obtain a license

You are automatically granted a license after paying the royalties foreseen in the Tariff. To obtain a licence, you must fill out and send us the Request to open a file form. As soon as your information has been processed, we will communicate with you about the next step.

For more information, please contact the Manager, Audiovisual Department, at 514-845-3268, ext. 227.

Reports to provide

  • On January 1st of each year, you must send SODRAC the list of works used during the previous year.
  • You must keep all accounts and records from which information required under this tariff can easily be ascertained for a period of two years.



$250 (annual comprehensive royalty rate) to be paid on the 1st of January of each year

This tariff was certified by the Copyright Board of Canada.

Any amount not received by the due date shall bear interest from that date until the date the amount is received. Interest shall be calculated daily at a rate equal to one per cent above the Bank Rate effective on the last day of the previous month (as published by the Bank of Canada). Interest shall not compound.

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