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Radio broadcasting
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A commercial radio station is a private and for-profit radio broadcasting company that holds a licence from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). The station’s signal may be transmitted simultaneously on the Internet, either in unmodified form or in a real-time broadcast of the terrestrial signal.

A tariff was officially authorized by the Copyright Board of Canada. This tariff will remain in effect until a new one is authorized, retroactive to its application date.

What rights does this license authorize?

This Tariff authorizes you to:

  • Reproduce a work, in whole or in part, by any known or to be discovered process, in any format or material form, by a commercial radio station for the purpose of using the reproduction in the broadcasting operations, including the simulcast, of the station or of another station that is part of the same network as the station.
  • Embody a work in a montage, a compilation, a mix or a medley, for the purposes set out in paragraph (a) and subject to the moral rights of authors.
  • Keep reproductions made pursuant to paragraphs (a) or (b), so long as the station is licensed pursuant to this tariff.

Unauthorized use under the Tariff:

  • A musical work may not be associated for advertising purposes with a product, service, cause or institution.

How to obtain a license

CMRRA-SODRAC inc. automatically grants licences for permanent or limited download of audio files upon payment of the royalties foreseen under the Tariff. Please note that we are currently waiting for the Copyright Board’s approval of our 2008-2012 Tariff.

For more information or to obtain a license, please contact Natacha Labelle by telephone: (416) 926-1966, ext. 252, or by email:

Reports to provide

No later than the first day of each month, you must fill out the monthly report on the use of musical works:

To read the notice regarding CSI tax numbers, please click here.


Current tariff

For low music use stations:

  • 0.135% of gross income, for revenues not exceeding $625,000;
  • 0.259% of gross income, for revenues above $625,000 but not exceeding $1.25M;
  • 0.434% of gross income for revenues above $1.25M.

For other stations:

  • 0.304% of gross income, for revenues not exceeding $625,000;
  • 0.597% of gross income, for revenues above $625,000 but not exceeding $1.25M;
  • 1.238% of gross income for revenues above $1.25M.
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