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Amid the profusion of new music distribution platforms, it is increasingly difficult for artists to control how their works are used and to ensure that their rights are fully protected. Similarly, it may be difficult for users to personally track down artists or rights holders in order to obtain their authorization to reproduce their works. Thanks to its unique position in North America, backed by its collective management skills in the area of art reproduction rights, SODRAC facilitates the process for everyone involved by serving as an intermediary between users of artworks and the artists and rights holders it represents.

SODRAC members enjoy a wide range of benefits

When you become a SODRAC member, you receive a wide range of benefits stemming from the collective management of your artworks:

  • Your works are represented in approximately 30 different countries.
  • You benefit from the range and prominence of SODRAC’s repertoire in negotiations with users and distributors of artworks.
  • You retain control over how your works are used on a variety of platforms.
  • You receive privileged sector-specific information.
  • SODRAC pays royalties to you when your works are reproduced reprographically in accordance with the licences issued.
  • You benefit from SODRAC’s monitoring service aimed at preventing illegal use of members’ artworks.
  • You benefit from our convenient one-stop service for users making royalty payments.

Strength in numbers

Representing nearly 40,000 creators and co-creators of artworks, including nearly 300 Canadians, SODRAC plays a key role alongside users of artworks. To ensure that our members’ interests are fully represented in the arts industry, we have negotiated general agreements with a number of users, including various auction houses.

Assigning rights

It should be noted that by becoming a member, you authorize SODRAC to issue all licences on your behalf, whether your works are reproduced or exhibited.

Assigning your rights greatly facilitates relations with users (galleries, magazines, websites, etc.), who benefit from a “one-stop” solution. In addition, you benefit from our collective skills, network and negotiating power.

There is no charge to become a SODRAC member. Apply today and gain peace of mind.

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