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How to obtain a licence
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To obtain a license, you must consult our repertoire of members to make sure we represent the artist whose works you wish to use. Then, you must download the Licence Application Form, fill it out, save your information and email us at

Administrative fees: Fees of $50 or $100 (plus taxes) are applicable respectively per national or international request if a license is cancelled after the licensing documents have been issued. These fees are not reimbursable but are deductible from the licensing costs.

Request processing: Please allow a minimum of five (5) business days for request processing and at least ten (10) business days if SODRAC is required to obtain the prior consent agreement in principle of from the artist or the right owner or the prior approval of a PDF layout. Royalty payments are based on a fee schedule taking into account the type of use and the rights requested. They will be charged in accordance to the rights granted. We will notify you of the amount due before issuing the licence.

Photographic reproductions: Please note that SODRAC does not have the photographic material (high resolution digital files) you need for the reproduction of the works in its repertoire. We are therefore not in a position to provide you with such material and you must contact authorized sources to obtain it, for instance specialized image banks or museums to which the works belong. Specific fees may apply for these photographic reproductions, in addition to royalties payable to SODRAC in consideration of the licenses that we issue.

If you have any questions regarding license requests, please contact our Visual Arts and Crafts Department at 514 845-3268, ext. 250, or at

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