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“On the strength of its unique skills in the area of collective management of reproduction rights in North America, SODRAC seeks to make its repertoire of works available to current and prospective clients and to facilitate the use of such works in all distribution platforms. SODRAC also ensures that its members, including authors, composers, publishers and creators of artistic works, are compensated fairly for their work.”

Specifically, in the name of its members, SODRAC negotiates collective and individual agreements with users of their works, collects royalties and redistributes them to the rights holders it represents. It therefore controls all reproduction of its members' works on any type of audio, audiovisual, visual or digital media, as well as the use of recordings on these media.

In collective agreements, SODRAC grants users a general use licence for which it collects a set amount or a percentage of income that it redistributes to the members' whose works were used. In individual agreements, notably, in the reproduction of pre‑existing musical works in certain audiovisual productions, SODRAC generally consults rights holders when a moral right can be invoked.

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