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The Musical Instrument Digital Interface, or MIDI, is a communication and command protocol that allows for data exchange between electronic musical instruments, with one or more of these "instruments" being a computer.

What rights does this license authorize?

This license authorizes you to:

  • Reproduce musical works in the SODRAC repertoire in order to create a MIDI file;
  • Reproduce this MIDI file on a server, digital physical medium or compact disc for the purpose of delivering it to users;
  • Authorize the use of the MIDI file by users for private use only.

How to obtain a license

To obtain a license, you must fill out the Request to open a file form. Once you have made payment, we will send you the license. Please sign and date it and return the “SODRAC” copy to us. If you have any questions, please email our Audio Licensing Department at or call (514) 845-3268, ext. 251.


10% of fees charged to the consumer, subject to a minimum of $0.75 per musical work (retail sales only).

Administrative fees apply.

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