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1st integration (synchronization)
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1st integration or synchronization refers to the reproduction or inclusion of a musical work in a separate audio or audiovisual work for a variety of purposes (e.g. feature-length film, preview trailer, TV production, audio or audiovisual advertising spot, video clip, website, video company, video game).

What rights does this license authorize?

This license authorizes users to:

  • Include a pre-existing musical work in SODRAC’s repertoire or an original work commissioned from a SODRAC member in a unique audio or audiovisual production.

How to obtain a license

Pre-existing works

  • All independent productions: To facilitate synchronization rights clearance for pre-existing works, TV producers or rights clearance agencies should complete the license application form. To consult a list of the markets defined in this form, click here.
  • TV broadcasters’ in-house productions: If your TV broadcasting company has already entered into a general agreement with SODRAC, synchronization rights for in-house productions will be covered under the agreement. Please refer to your agreement or contact our Audiovisual Licensing Department by email at or by phone at (514) 845-3268, ext. 242.

Commissioned works

Predominantly music-based videogram: click here.

Once your application has been received, we will take the following steps:

  • Obtain the consent of the SODRAC member, or his/her representative, to ensure that the request is authorized.
  • Enter into an agreement with you and issue the license.
  • Forward the license to you together with the invoice. The license must be signed prior to the broadcast date. Broadcast is authorized only after the payment has been received.

Reporting requirements

All production types: Within 20 days following the final edit of the production, a complete and detailed cue sheet, signed by the licensee and indicating the production’s musical content, must be emailed to the Musical Reporting Department at


Royalty payments are based on industry rates, taking into account the prominence of the musical work and its creator, the running time of the extract, the type of broadcast, the geographic area, the duration of the license and the target markets.

Administrative fees

An administrative fee will be charged in the case of a complimentary work or in the case of a cancellation of a licence.

If you fail to apply for a license, a penalty equivalent to 100% of the license cost will be applied. In the event of non-payment, interest will be charged.

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