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SODRAC: representing your interests around the world
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My work has been reproduced without my consent. Can SODRAC help me?
Yes, but only if you’re a SODRAC member! SODRAC’s role is to negotiate and issue authorizations in exchange for a financial consideration that is subsequently distributed among SODRAC’s members. Use of your work may already be covered by one of our general agreements.

SODRAC also represents its members by taking action against users who violate the Copyright Act. Our Rights Department initiates legal proceedings as required; this sometimes involves court action. You should also take steps to protect your works as soon as they are created; this facilitates matters in the event of a dispute.

What are the advantages of being a SODRAC member ?
Representing more than 6000 members and a vast range of works, SODRAC has entered into a number of general agreements and applies various tariffs authorized by the Copyright Commission of Canada. SODRAC members are represented collectively in dealings with users of their works. In addition, SODRAC is the only organization of its kind that is authorized to collect in Canada for several uses of its members’ works. Please refer to the Your royalties page for further details.

What are the criteria for becoming a SODRAC member ?
Any composer or publisher of musical works meeting the criteria set out in SODRAC’s By-Laws is eligible for SODRAC membership.

Can my band or group become a SODRAC member ?
Any individuals within the group who are composers or publishers can become a SODRAC member. However, they must join individually.

Do I have to declare all of my works ?
Your cooperation will greatly facilitate the process of tracking the reproduction of your works on various analogue and digital platforms. Your name alone is not a sufficient basis for requesting payment when your musical works are used.

To facilitate the tracking of the reproduction of your works, an ID code is assigned to each work; another code identifies the composer. Our team uses these codes to track the use of SODRAC members’ musical works among the millions of works distributed around the world. So be sure to declare all of your works that are likely to be reproduced by completing the Declaration form.

What is private copying ?
Created in 1999, the Canadian Private Copying Collective (CPCC) collects private copying royalties from manufacturers and importers of blank recording media. SODRAC receives a portion of these royalties, which are then redistributed among the applicable members. Over the years, we have paid millions of dollars to our members. To authorize SODRAC to collect royalties on your behalf, please contact our Member Services Department.

Is SODRAC a government agency ?
No, SODRAC is a non-profit organization owned by its members (songwriters/composers and publishers). For further information on SODRAC’s activities, please consult the Articles and Bylaws

I’m a SOCAN member. Am I automatically a SODRAC member ?
No, you must be a member of both organizations because they each manage different rights. Becoming a SODRAC member is easy! To find out more about the many benefits available to our members or to download a membership application, click here.

How are royalties usually divided among lyricists, composers and publishers ?
The royalties are usually divided as follows: lyricist 25%, composer 25% and publisher 50%. This formula may differ, however, and we adhere to the terms of the contract entered into by the various parties. The royalty formula is actually specified in the Declaration form, which should be completed for each new work that is reproduced.

SODRAC: representing your interests around the world

One of my works is included in a foreign compilation. What should I do to collect my royaltie ?
Whether you’re an author or a publisher, becoming a SODRAC member is the best way of collecting what is legally yours. Here’s why: we’re the only organization in Canada that has signed agreements with about 100 foreign rights management organizations that collect royalties on your behalf within their jurisdictions in accordance with national law and/or practices.

I composed the music for a film or TV series that is now available on DVD. Am I entitled to receive royalties for the DVD sales ?
Yes, but only if you are a SODRAC member. In Canada, SODRAC is the only organization that has had a tariff approved for this type of use by the Copyright Board of Canada, thus granting it exclusive collection rights. In the international arena, SODRAC notifies its affiliates with respect to this type of use so that they may collect royalties on behalf of SODRAC members, providing that the affiliates also manage this right.

On-line and wireless reproduction of your works

How do I receive royalties if my works are used on websites or wireless devices ?
As a SODRAC member, you can benefit from the audio download/streaming on demand tariff approved by the Copyright Commission of Canada in 2007. In addition, in Canada, only SODRAC members are eligible to receive royalties for ringtones and online karaoke thanks to agreements concluded with various users.

How to protect your rights

I’m a SODRAC member and I signed a music commission contract with a producer. How should I protect my rights ?
Whenever you sign a contract with a producer or a publisher, you should ensure that your rights are protected with respect to subsequent reproduction of your work (e.g., TV, DVD sales). In this regard, be sure to include the SODRAC reserve clause in the contract with no modifications.

If you have any questions, please contact our member services or 514 845-3268, ext. 240.

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