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It is very important that you inform us each time a new work is created so that we can track the number of uses. In this regard, you should complete a declaration for each work that could be reproduced.

Once your declaration has been received, the work will be included in our database.

You can consult our repertoire of musical works to determine which of your works have been reported to SODRAC.

Please note that you must inform us of the existence of your works even if you have already reported them to SOCAN.

To complete a work declaration form, please read the following instructions. You may send the completed and duly signed form by mail, by fax or by email at

To download the work declaration form, click here.

If you cannot open this PDF document, download Adobe Reader software for free.

How to complete the form :

  1. On page 3 of the form, read the section entitled “How to complete this form”.
  2. To complete the form on-line:
    1. Click on the cell and type in the information.
    2. To move the cursor to the next cell, use the TAB key on your keyboard.
    3. To return to this page, click BACK.

For further information, please email our Documentation Department or call (514) 845-3268, ext. 254.

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