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Administrative structure
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Board of directors
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The Board of directors is currently chaired by twelve administrators: as per Article 5 of the Society's By-Laws, ten are elected by voting members for a three year period, and two are elected for a four year period by the founding societies, Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique (SACEM) and Société professionnelle des auteurs et compositeurs du Québec (SPACQ).

Of these twelve administrators, seven are authors and composers, six of whom are elected by voting members and one of whom is elected by SPACQ; five are publishers, four of whom are elected by voting members and one of whom is elected by SACEM.

During the Board's first meeting after the General Assembly, the administrators elect an executive committee for the year in progress.



From left to right:

Jehan Valiquet
Vice-Chairman - Publisher

François Cousineau
Director - Author - member of the Executive Board

Rafael Perez
Director - Publisher

Lise Aubut
Chairman - Composer

Frédéric Weber
Treasurer - Composer

Diane Juster
Vice-Chairman - Composer (SPACQ’s representative)

Marc André J Fortier
Director - Author, visual arts and crafts

Nicole Beausoleil
Secretary - Publisher

Jean-François Denis
Director - Publisher - member of the Executive Board

Laurent Guardo
Director - Author

Nelson Minville
Director - Author

Absent from the photo:

Gérard Davoust
Director - Publisher (SACEM’s representative)

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